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Simple Game roms source on Mediafire bg title iconMana Khemia: Student Alliance [US] PSP ISO

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (US) PSP ISO

About This Game

The 4th entry in the RPG series, Mana Khemia is different from the previous Atelier Iris games. Mana Khemia is a campus sim style RPG, where you can interact with classmates and professors to complete academic quests. You play as Vayne Aurelius, a novice alchemist who was invited to attend Al - Revis Academy. At the academy, Vayne will meet human and not so human alchemists, and together you will solve the mysteries of alchemy.
I can´t not believe the critics gave this game a 4.9. This game is one of the most enjoyable games ever for PSP.
-Very good story. Not only the main plot, but the character´s story is very funny and inmersive.
-Big areas to explore. Besides you do have to explore them in order to find all the ingredients you need.
-It really feels you are in some sort of alchemy school for there are tests, duties, teachers you can talk to, tons of things to do.
-Fantastic combat system which is the true core of the game. Not only it is tricky to know to use the chars´ fully potential, but the bosses are very challenging and fun to battle.
-Alchemy system is very fun. Period. Getting all the ingredients and equiping what you can forge wisely requires time and thinking.
-Multiple finals keeps the replayable value high enough.
-Charming, colorful and, overall, memorable chars. You will easily feel attached to them and ever hardly forget them.
-Good soundtrack and voice acting. Unexpected for an PSP game.
-The game keeps amusing you with different and original events that keeps the game from being repetitive.

It´s not the best game out there, but deserves a score waaay higher than 4.9. If you like J-Rpg´s, you definately have to give it a try.. you won´t regret it.

Release Date: 03/10/09 Genre: Role-Playing
Product ID: ULUS-10408 Publisher: NIS America
Tested on CFW: 5.00 M33-6 and Above Rating: E10+
Platform: PSP Region : US
Quality: UMD Format: ISO
Size: 1.01 GB | in RAR 492 MB Language: English


Mana Khemia: Student Alliance sc1 Mana Khemia: Student Alliance sc2
Mana Khemia: Student Alliance sc3 Mana Khemia: Student Alliance sc4


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